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  • What is munin mobile?Munin mobile is a template add-on for munin which transforms munin into a mobile app. Munin mobile is made to not disturb your regular munin installation.

Updated to jQuery Mobile 1.0

12.13.11 Posted in Uncategorized by

We just updated jQuery Mobile to 1.0. We also did a couple of CSS fixes and a iPhone Viewport bug.

The commit is available on github

Welcome to munin mobile

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This is a sideproject of mine (Niklas Bivald) which was created of out necessity. I love munin and I use it daily, but loading all graphs on my iPhone take ages and is not exactly user-friendly. Munin mobile hooks into Munins templating power to create a /mobile/ subfolder to the munin installation. It does not interfere with regular munin.

It’s very early in development and relies on jQuery Mobile (which is also early in development). We live on github.

Currently tested on munin 1.2.6 (which is debian standard) and install scripts are made for apt-get version of munin (i.e /etc/munin, /var/lib etc.) but is rather easy to edit.

Try out the demo (

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